Create your own floral cocktails with beautiful blooms

Create your own floral cocktails with beautiful blooms

With Summer just around the corner and restrictions due to be eased, we’re all looking forward to more outdoor gatherings with friends and family. To add a little pazazz to your next garden party or picnic, don’t just use fruits and berries in your guests’ drinks, add beautiful blooms to create real showstopping tipples.

We’ve compiled a list of edible flowers and recipes to inspire you when making cocktails and mocktails this Summer.

But take note: not all flowers should be consumed and can even be dangerous to eat! Even if a plant’s leaf, roots or fruits are edible, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to nibble on their flowers. With that in mind, here’s our guide to some readily available flowers that are not only safe to use but look and taste fabulous!


 #1 Rose


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Rose petals will add a touch of delicate colour to your cocktails, along with a hint of Turkish Delight flavour. Some can have quite a strong flavour, so start with just a few and taste until you get your desired flavour balance.


This lemon and rose spritzer recipe makes the perfect non-alcoholic beverage on a hot Summer’s day.


#2 Lavender


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In moderation, lavender adds sweet and spicy notes to your cocktails (and it looks fabulous). Use the full stalks if you just want a decorative garnish, or you can use a tea strainer to infuse the cocktail with flavour before removing the bits.

You might like to try this Lavender Gin Sour recipe from The Foodie and The Fix.


#3 Elderflower


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Fragrant, floral and refreshing, there’s nothing like the delicate flavour of elderflower. Popular in cordials and punches, this bloom is extremely versatile and is a lovely addition to any Summer drink. 

Why not try on of BBC Good Food’s top five Elderflower drink recipes for your next family picnic?


#4 Nasturtiums


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These brightly coloured blooms will add a burst of colour to your glass. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible, and they have quite a strong, peppery taste.

We think you’ll love this Nasturtium Margarita by Floating Kitchen – a lovely fruity cocktail for your next afternoon with the girls. 


#5 Violas


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These perfect little splashes of purple and yellow definitely add the wow factor to any cocktail! Violas also have a light floral, sweet flavour – so won’t overpower your tipple and make a great decorative garnish.

This Spring Champagne Cocktail is sure to get you in the party-spirit this year.


#6 Hibiscus


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Not only will the hibiscus flower add a dramatic flourish to your cocktail, but it will also add beautiful spicy and citrus overtones – perfect with fruity lemon tipples.

These Hibiscus inspired cocktail recipes are perfect for any Summer event, from brunch with the girls, to an afternoon picnic or evening barbeque.


#7 Fennel


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Fennel has a rich, liquorice flavour, and can be somewhat of an acquired taste. But if you’re an aniseed lover, then adding fennel flowers to your cocktail or mocktail is a must-try.

As luck would have it, The Manual have come up with some fabulous fennel cocktails for you to try.


 #8 Borage


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With their pretty blue petals, borage flowers taste like a mix of cucumber and lime and add a refreshing taste, and beautiful colour, to your drink.

Try out this Borage flower and strawberry punch recipe from Sainsbury’s – perfect as a refreshing soft tipple, or add some fizz to add a little more oomph.


#9 Mint


Mint adds a wonderfully refreshing chill to your cocktail, and so is perfect for a hot Summer’s day. Famously used in Mojitos, mint pairs well with fruity, citrus based drinks.

Of course, everyone loves the classic mojito, but we have found these contemporary mojito recipes with a twist for something a little bit different.


#10 Chamomile


With gentle notes of apple and a mellow, honey-like sweetness, chamomile makes a lovely addition to your picnic drinks.

You can use the flower as decoration, as well as those chamomile tea bags hiding in the back of your kitchen cupboard to make this refreshing Chamomile and Ginger Iced Tea.


A final top tip

It’s all in the preparation. Adding edible blooms to ice cubes is a great way to conveniently add an explosion of colour and fragrance to any drink, whenever the mood takes you or you’re feeling fancy.