Meet the Team

Step into Abi's Arrangements, and you’re guaranteed a friendly welcome from our talented team of florists. Always happy to provide honest advice on the right flowers to suit any occasion, we’re here to ensure that you go away with the right flowers to suit your event, occasion or celebration.


Meet Abi, the driving force behind the business, a visionary founder who leads with dedication and a deep commitment to excellence. As the boss, Abi's passion and relentless pursuit of greatness have shaped our path to success. Her ability to inspire and empower the team is unmatched, creating an environment where creativity flourishes and goals are achieved. Beyond her business acumen, Abi's heart warming support and genuine care for each member of our team make her not just a leader, but a mentor and a friend. With her at the helm, we navigate challenges with confidence, knowing that Abi's leadership guides us towards a future filled with accomplishments and boundless possibilities.


Meet Steven, the brilliant mind behind our technological realm and the creative force that brings our website to life. As the head of IT, he weaves the intricate threads of code, ensuring our digital infrastructure runs seamlessly. Beyond his technical prowess, Steven's talent shines as the mastermind behind our captivating website design, where every click is a testament to his innovative approach. With a passion for problem-solving and a vision for user-friendly experiences, he's the digital maestro who orchestrates a harmonious online presence. Steven's dedication to excellence doesn't just keep our systems running; it empowers our entire team to reach new heights.


Meet Hayley, she started out as our invaluable event and wedding assistant, a true magician when it comes to turning special occasions into unforgettable memories. With a keen eye for detail and a heart full of dedication, she works tirelessly to ensure everything runs seamlessly, from the grandest weddings to the most intimate gatherings. Hayley's creativity shines through in her event setups, transforming spaces into enchanting wonderlands. Her warm demeanour and can-do attitude make her a favourite among clients and colleagues alike. After years of being on hand, the opportunity arose for Hayley to join the team full time and create stunning creations daily.


Meet Shae, our talented florist with a passion for plants and a love for animals. When she's not creating beautiful arrangements, she's galloping through life on her horse or enjoying the company of her two playful dogs. And, adding a touch of the exotic, she's the proud owner of a fascinating snake! Shae's world is a delightful blend of blossoms, fur, and scales, reflecting her artistic flair and her appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.


Meet Ralph, the pint-sized boss of our hearts, a charismatic 2-year-old who brings boundless joy and energy to our lives. While he may be small in stature, his enthusiasm and curiosity are larger than life. With an infectious giggle and a smile that lights up the room, Ralph effortlessly charms everyone he meets. Although he's still mastering his words, his expressive eyes and spirited gestures tell us everything we need to know. Ralph's presence in the shop is a delightful reminder of the beauty in simplicity and the power of unbridled imagination. As our tiny boss, he brings a special kind of magic to our days, making work feel like play and reminding us to cherish every moment.


Meet Angel, our beloved shop cat who has now retired to a life of comfort and love with Abi, Steven and Ralph. After years of brightening up our days at the shop, Angel has found her forever home with this wonderful couple. She gracefully transitioned from being a part of our daily hustle to being the queen of her new castle, where sun-soaked spots, cosy blankets, and endless affection await. Angel's playful spirit and gentle purrs continue to bring joy to those lucky enough to be in her presence.