How to pick the perfect Mother's Day Flowers

How to pick the perfect Mother’s Day flowers

Flowers are a popular choice of gift for Mothering Sunday, but with so much choice where do you start? From different colours, meanings and scents, there’s a lot to think about when choosing Mother’s Day flowers.

Don’t know your carnations from your chrysanthemums? Don’t panic! Here is everything you need to know to help you choose the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet.


Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily)

The Alstroemeria Lily (also known as the Peruvian Lily) is a dramatic bloom with a powerful meaning. Traditionally, due to the shape of this flower it is thought of as a friendship flower, representing mutual support and solidarity.

In particular, white symbolises love, strength and support. Yellow represents fun and happiness, pink shows playfulness and love, and red symbolises passion.

Popular colours: White, yellow, pink, red

Meaning: Friendship, support, strength




Carnations are a traditional gift on Mothering Sunday as an expression of love, admiration and gratitude. Originally, carnations started out in shades of pink, but have since been evolved to include a wide spectrum of colours, each with their own meaning.

Pink carnations symbolise gratitude and are commonly associated with Mother’s Day. In fact, in America carnations are the official Mother’s Day flower. White carnations signify love and good luck, while light red represent admiration.

Popular colours: Light red, dark red, pink, white, yellow, purple

Meaning: Love, admiration, gratitude



Aptly often also known as ‘mums’, chrysanthemums are one of the most commonly cultivated flowers in the world. They are an extremely versatile bloom, available in a vast array of colours, making them perfect for any occasion, including Mothering Sunday.

Generally chrysanthemums symbolise optimism, joy and success. In particular, red chrysanthemums express love, white represent loyalty and honesty, and pink symbolise longevity and affection.

Popular colours: White, yellow, gold, pink, orange, violet

Meaning: Optimism, joy, success

Chrysanthemum Mother’s Day Bouquets:



Hugely popular during the Spring and Summer months, freesias are a dainty bloom with a strong citrus scent. Although freesias are a common wedding flower, they are very versatile and perfect for all occasions and celebrations.

White freesias symbolise innocence and purity, and red freesias represent love and passion. Pink freesias symbolise femininity and love, yellow represents friendship and optimism, and purple freesias symbolise both royalty and beauty.

Popular colours: White, pink, red, yellow, purple

Meaning: Friendship, femininity, beauty

Freesia Mother’s Day Bouquets:



Gerbera & Germini 

This simple daisy shaped flower comes in an array of bold colours, making it a modern day classic. Available in both large headed and miniature forms (known as germini), these blooms are guaranteed to add a splash of colour to any bouquet.

The gerbera daisy symbolises purity, innocence and beauty. Yellow is associated with happiness and joyousness, red symbolises enormous love, pink expresses admiration and approval, orange stands for sunshine and brightness, while purple represents admiration and value.

Popular colours: yellow, red, pink, orange, white

Meaning: Admiration, happiness, beauty

Gerbera Mother’s Day Bouquets:



Voted Britain’s second favourite flower, and popular all around the globe, the lily is a firm favourite for Mother’s Day bouquets. They come in a range of types and colours, all with their own special meanings.

Lilies are a beautiful bloom, and appropriately the Day Lily is the Chinese symbol for motherhood. White lilies symbolise commitment and purity, while pink lilies represent friendship and femininity.

Popular colours: White, pink, red, orange, yellow

Meaning: Commitment, femininity, friendship

Lily Mother’s Day Bouquets:



Roses have unsurprisingly been voted the number one favourite flower in Britain. While commonly known as a romantic flower choice, there is much more to roses than you might think and while overall roses represent love, each colour has its own meaning too.

Red roses of course symbolise all variations of love and commitment, pink roses express gratitude and admiration, while white roses represent purity, grace and eternal loyalty.

Popular colours: Red, white, pink, yellow, orange, purple

Meaning: Love, gratitude, loyalty

Rose Mother’s Day Bouquets:



Often associated with the start of Spring, tulips are rich in history and popularity, and are one of the world’s most recognisable flowers. This simple yet beautiful bloom is perfect for many occasions, including Mother’s Day.

Generally, tulips symbolise perfect love, rebirth and charity – however different colours have their own meanings too. Pink tulips represent affection, care, good wishes and love. And due to purple dye previously being a luxury that only royals and the super-wealthy could afford, purple and lilac tulips represent wealth. Perfect as a gift for someone you think is totally ‘worth it’ and absolutely fabulous!

Popular colours: White, yellow, purple, red, pink

Meaning: Perfect love, affection, wealth

Tulip Mother’s Day Bouquets:

So there you have it, now you know your carnations from your chrysanthemums, and the meaning of all the different coloured blooms. You might just be ready to choose the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet. For professionally hand-crafted bouquets with free local delivery take a look at our Mother’s Day flowers. (